New Text RP-centric personal project

So back in high school I used to do a ton of online text rp. I made a lot of friends that I'm still in contact with today and once in a while I feel like I'd like to pick it back up. The thing is, there's no service out there (as far as I know) that's made for rp. Typically you create extra accounts on social media and blogging services like Twitter, Tumblr, Livejournal or Dreamwidth, and then have multiple accounts to juggle, and each one offers a slightly different experience in terms of how rp tends to go.

I used to play on Dreamwidth, which is basically an open-source version of Livejournal, but in the 7 years since I've last been active it hasn't seen an update to even make it mobile responsive- every time I go back to it I get driven away because I can't participate in threads from my iPhone.

I don't think that Twitter or Tumblr RP is for me, and neither is rp through a chat service like Discord, so I'm here building my own platform in Vue. It's been a week since I've started and I have user creation, character management, and even a single post and comment threading system. Users can upload icons for their main user profile as well as characters. All data is stored on Firebase- this is the first time I'm using it!

I've learned a TON- I was not that used to working in Vue but needed to get caught up for work, and generally this is way deeper into the stack than I'm used to. A test link can be found at (I'm working on a name) and from the home page you can access my main test account.

My goal is to have it in a place where it can be open for people to use a beta version by the end of the summer!

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