Goose Island website

The ask:

This project came to the Fusion Marketing digital team at the end of 2018 (we were not yet 160over90), right before Goose Island updated their packaging with completely new branding. A new website was crucial to the success of their rebranding and my team had the opportunity to rise to that challenge for a launch in early 2019.

This rebuild also gave the Goose Island team a chance to start with a clean slate: part of our goal was to cut out the pages that were not serving their business goals.

The tech:

This website is built in ModX, which means that the Goose Island team is usually able to manage their own content with the exception of some custom updates.

This website has some fun customization: all beer pages have a color theme based on its packaging, and there is even an Easter egg that will cause the site accent theme to change (try clicking the Goose bill!).

You can visit this website at

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